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Car accidents are common in Florida, with more drivers on the road and people moving to our state.

Florida is one of the highest states in the nation for auto accidents, and your odds are greater of having these issues on the road.

State law requires that everyone purchase personal injury protection (PIP) or no-fault insurance. The idea is that you will receive $10 thousand in coverage to take care of immediate medical expenses without delay.

However, insurance companies can be bureaucratic, slow to process claims, and deny you the money you deserve. Situations like this require going to court and making the company honor its contractual obligations. We look at everything you should know about PIP litigation in Coral Springs and how you can benefit from these lawsuits.


If you are injured in an auto accident, the law requires you to follow specific guidelines to receive PIP coverage.

You must seek out treatment within 14 days of the accident by a healthcare professional, including doctors, hospitals, and chiropractors. Failure to get medical attention in this timeframe means the insurance company can deny your claim.

Your condition should be a threat to your health, bodily function, or at least one organ.

These requirements are the standards insurance companies will follow to decide if they accept your claim.

We recommend getting the medical assistance you need right away after an auto accident to avoid delays.

The Cameron Law Group can help you in cases where your PIP claims are denied. We are trustworthy, client-focused, knowledgeable, experienced, and ensure accountability for your case and the claim with the insurance company.

The Reasons for Denial

The insurance company can deny or underpay the claim in certain circumstances, and you want to be aware of these situations. The most notable include

You did not receive care within 14 days or use an unauthorized medical professional.

You did not have an emergency medical condition that requires treatment to deal with your injuries.

The injuries are not from the accident but another event in your life previously or after.

The treatment you received is not necessary or reasonable, given the extent of your injuries.

You are not answering emails, phone calls, or are requesting unnecessary documentation related to your case.

Any or a combination of these are reasons for reducing or denying your claim under the law.

We recommend getting medical treatment right away and communicating with the insurance company promptly. The process can be tedious, but it is essential to follow these guidelines to ensure your claim is not denied.

Cameron Law Group can help if your claim is denied or reduced by the insurance company. We are the experts on PIP litigation in Coral Springs and will hold the company accountable. You don’t know the law, but we can help you get what you deserve.

When to Contact an Attorney?

After an accident, you want to contact a PIP litigation specialist immediately before reaching out to your insurance company. Our team of dedicated professionals can review your case and tell you the best options to get the money you deserve.

For example, you are driving down US 1, and a reckless driver comes out of nowhere at 95 miles an hour and hits you. The first thing you want to do is get immediate medical attention if you are injured. Then, meet with your personal injury attorney in Coral Springs to go over the case with you.

After this meeting, we will contact the insurance company about your PIP claim. Our attorneys will review your case and help you decide the best course of action moving forward. You never want to do everything alone, as the PIP laws are tricky and filled with confusing clauses.

We recommend meeting with our attorneys after receiving medical attention, before contacting the insurance company.

Cameron Law Group is your team of skilled PIP lawyers that will fight for you and prevent things from becoming worse. We offer a free consultation to evaluate your case and can tell you what options are available. Our team focuses on helping you make a full recovery to ensure you receive justice.

Call the PIP Attorneys Today

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There are several steps in filing a civil lawsuit after a personal injury. The first and most important is to contact a trial attorney in Tamarac. At Cameron Law Group, our team of experienced personal injury lawyers can help you receive the compensation you need to recover and regain some semblance of normalcy. Whether you have been involved in a car accident, the victim of medical negligence, had a slip and fall, or any other injury, we are all the trial lawyers you need to put the wheels in motion.  

Although many civil lawsuits can be resolved outside of court, some make their way to the courtroom. If this happens, you will need a lawyer with prior trial experience to defend you. Our team will carry the brunt of the work as we defend you in front of a judge or jury. Nevertheless, there is some preparation you must do to make a good first impression. If you would like to know what’s expected of you during the trial, you’ve come to the right place.

Meet Deadlines & Show up on Time

After you have filed a lawsuit, now comes paperwork and hearings to attend. It may go without saying, but it is crucial that all deadlines are met, such as choosing a jury trial or a judge. There is no leeway if you miss a deadline and if this happens, the odds are less in your favor. In addition to submitting paperwork on time, you must attend a preliminary hearing. Even though it is not the actual trial, it determines the strength of your case. It is recommended that you show up 20 to 30 minutes before the expected time and come prepared with any documents your attorney advises you to bring.

You won’t be doing any of this on your own. Our team will help you prepare before your trial date, but we also advise that you visit the court’s website to review the local rules.

Do Your Homework

The internet can be an excellent source of information. If this is your first time going to trial, it is a good idea to watch videos and learn what is expected from the plaintiff. We also recommend you learn some of the legal terminologies before your preliminary hearing, so you stay abreast of all the developments as they unfold.

If you would like to go one step further with your research, contact the court clerk to find out which judge will be presiding. Every judge has his or her own style and set of expectations. Learning as much as you can about the judge can give you a slight advantage that you can’t afford to lose.

Learn Everything About Your Case

It is not enough to simply make a claim. Your claim must be backed by a series of facts known as admissible evidence. We will gather the necessary evidence to help build your case, such as obtaining CCTV footage at an accident scene, collecting eyewitness statements, and gathering documents to prove the defendant is liable. In addition to this, if you are going to take the stand, it’s important that you rehearse everything you plan to say. Always be consistent with your story, tell the truth, and work on techniques to remain calm.

Part of knowing your case is to look at it from the other side’s perspective. Are there any weaknesses that need to be fixed? Is there a hole in your story that needs clarification? We will work with you to perfect your testimony.

Be Respectful

Preparation involves more than meeting deadlines, gathering important paperwork, and rehearsing your testimony. You should also remember to be respectful of everyone present, including the defendant. This may be an emotional time, but it’s important now to show your emotions in the courtroom. Even if you don’t think anyone is watching, you should:

  • Stay calm and quiet
  • Never look petty
  • Never interrupt someone while they’re speaking
  • Never speak out unless someone addresses you
  • Be patient

When it’s your turn to speak, remember to address the judge as “your honor.” This is the correct honorific address to use. Anything else, such as “sir,” or “ma’am,” is inappropriate. Being respectful of courtroom decorum may initially take the backburner as you prepare for the case in other ways. Nevertheless, it is expected and will go a long way in your favor.

Contact Cameron Law Group

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If medical treatment is below standard and the patient ends up hurt due to inadequate care, then it’s called medical negligence. Most general medical negligence can occur in any medical profession, with no exception. 


Medical negligence can take on a virtually infinite number of forms. Here are a few types of medical negligence:

  • An adjacent organ suffers harm during surgery
  • The failure to diagnose an illness or give the correct treatment to the patient results in ineffectiveness or side effects.
  • Physicians should avoid encouraging patients by saying they are fine, which only delays care, leading to damage. Cancer, in particular, is difficult to reverse, especially if it has been progressing.
  • A dentist who is irresponsible and thus results in the patient losing teeth
  • If a medication is prescribed at an inappropriate dosage, this is considered a medical error. Negligence in giving a patient the drug, administering the medication, or storing the medication could contribute.
  • Worst of all, unnecessary surgery, for example, renders the patient unable to have children.
  • An operation that yields serious harm or results in a decidedly unattractive outcome
  • The inadvertent placement of a medical tool into a patient during surgery.
  • Correct medical procedures or prescriptions are hindered by mistakes on the medical chart.
  • The preoperative anesthetic supplied was ineffective or incorrect.


When an issue occurs where something goes wrong during childbirth, it can result in the loss of the infant or an accident that causes lifelong harm, such as brain damage. 


Justifications for a Medical Malpractice Claim

A patient who wishes to make a medical malpractice claim must show that:


  1. A doctor has a legal duty to provide a level of care and does not meet that obligation.
  2. The patient was injured or became sick as a result.
  3. The patient’s injury was the result of negligence.


Standard of Care

“Standard of care” refers to a quality or procedure that doctors use. The laws vary by state and in some cases, the criteria are limited to doctors in the same region. In others, it applies to doctors nationwide. Surgeons with similar expertise can be held to the same standard. 



“Causation” is a complex issue in medical malpractice, as every bodily system is interrelated. While it is possible that the therapy itself caused the harm, many medical personnel will claim that the injury occurred due to a pre-existing condition the patient already had.


Every kind of lawsuit has malpractice insurance companies providing lawyers for the medical negligence claimants.


Injury victims should look for a lawyer to represent them in negotiations that will recover their money on medical care. Most lawyers who find themselves in this predicament perform legal work on a contingency basis. The fees they charge depend on whether they can receive insurance claim settlement money from the medical malpractice insurance company. Successful negotiation of a settlement for the client typically involves obtaining a percentage of the funds as compensation. If the lawyer fails, they receive no compensation for the time invested. 


Pain and Suffering

Sometimes, when the settlement includes money for pain and suffering, it is neither compensation for the associated expenditures nor a reward for pain and suffering experienced. In some states, a punitive damages award can be obtained if severe negligence or intentional misbehavior is involved. In such cases, damages will be authorized only to a certain extent. 


When egregious negligence or misbehavior is present, local authorities may also take action against the physician or medical facility, possibly charging them with a criminal offense. These legal proceedings are not linked to a medical malpractice complaint. A civil lawsuit names the city or state as the plaintiff. The person suing the medical establishment because of an injury sustained during medical treatment is known as the “damaged patient” civil action. While each criminal and civil case would have one or more defendants in common, some of the defendants in each case will also be the same person. In the context of liability cases, the defendant is the individual who is accused of having committed medical malpractice.


Is Every Type of Medical Negligence Case Tried in Court?

More than 90% of these claims are settled without going to trial. Still, when parties cannot reach an agreement on a settlement amount, the matter is adjudicated in court. Once the judge or jury decides if the patient is eligible for compensation, they determine the amount awarded. Even if a lawsuit doesn’t get to trial, years of negotiations may occur before reaching a settlement. During that time, the lawyers on both sides of the case begin preparing legal documents that address the other party’s concerns. 

Your Next Step

Cameron Law Group has the experience and expertise to be your advocate regarding medical negligence issues.

Call 954-994-2254 or get in touch today.

In the United States, more than six million car accidents happen each year. Most of these result in property damage, which is damage to the vehicle and not to the occupants. One in three accidents results in personal injury to the passengers or driver, and two out of ten accidents result in fatal injuries. If you find yourself in a car accident, your first priority should be to protect yourself physically and legally.


Cameron Law Group is here for Tamarac residents who have been injured in a car accident. We provide personalized assistance aimed at bringing the best results for your case. There are some things you can do to help yourself and your family if you are in a car accident. 

Stop And Protect The Scene.

Do not drive away from an accident scene, even if it is minor. Doing so could put you at greater legal risk even if you did not cause the accident. By setting up flares or flashers, you can avoid further accidents. Be sure to always keep a flashlight in your glove box or trunk. This will allow you to alert other drivers and protect you if the accident occurs at night.

Immediately After A Car Accident, Call 911.

Even if you are not suffering from any serious injuries, it’s a good idea for you to call the police. Even if you are merely filing a claim for vehicle damage, you may need to obtain a police report. If they do not interfere with traffic, the vehicles involved in an accident should be left where they are.

Give An Accurate And Detailed Report Of The Car Accident.

When the police arrive on the scene, tell them exactly what happened. Tell the officer if you don’t know certain facts. Don’t speculate, guess, or misstate any facts. When asked if you have any injuries and if you are not sure, say so. Don’t say no because you do not feel pain. Many times, injuries and pain from motor vehicle collisions are only apparent hours later than the accident. It is also important to verify that statements made by others involved in the accident are correct.

Exchange Information With The Driver Of The Other Vehicle.

This information is usually obtained by the investigating officer who arrives at the scene. You should still obtain the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all parties, including drivers and passengers. Also, you should request information regarding insurance. You can ask for the insurance cards of all the vehicles involved in an accident. 


Witnesses should be contacted so you and your attorney have the information you need. The investigating officer will usually give all motorists a number for their police report if they respond to an accident. To obtain a police report, you can later use this number. You must request the report of the state police if the accident occurred on a state highway.

Document Everything With Photos.

You should take photos of vehicles that have visible damage with your cell phone. Photograph any visible injuries. Be sure that when you are doing this that you are not interfering with the officer’s investigation. You should take these photos at the scene of a car accident as soon as possible.

Contact Your Insurance Provider.

Notify your insurance company immediately. Many policies require full cooperation and immediate reporting. Check to see if your insurance policy includes medical benefits. This type of coverage, also known as “med pay”, is more expensive so make sure you use it. Med pay coverage means that you must submit any accident-related medical bills you receive to your insurance company.


 Private health insurance takes over as your primary insurer once med pay benefits have been exhausted. All occupants of the vehicle are eligible for med pay benefits. Submitting claims for Med pay coverage should not cause an increase in your insurance rates.

Get Checked By A Doctor.

Motor vehicle accidents often cause injuries that are not immediately obvious. Many car accident victims feel the worst pain for a few days after the accident. Unless you’re certain that you weren’t hurt, you should visit your doctor or local emergency room to get medical attention. Even minor impacts can cause serious injury to the spinal cord. You may have suffered a concussion, closed head injury, or lost consciousness if you were even briefly dazed by the impact. If left untreated, this can lead to serious health issues.

Contact An Attorney.

An experienced attorney is the best person to represent you when considering legal action. A successful law firm will be able to help you because many car accident cases can be complex and difficult. Cameron Law Group has the knowledge, experience, and successful record to help you recover the money that you deserve.


Our team has been representing Tamarac, FL residents for almost 15 years now. We will listen to you and aggressively seek out justice and the compensation you rightly deserve. To reach us, click here or give us a call at (954) 994-2254.

When medical care falls short of expectations, it is called medical negligence. If a patient is injured due to medical malpractice, the patient may bring a medical malpractice case. If a patient dies, their family may pursue a wrongful death claim. When this happens you need a dedicated personal injury attorney that can assist with getting you the compensation you deserve. 

Keep reading to learn more! 

Surgical Malpractice

Surgical malpractice is the most prevalent kind of medical carelessness. However, it can occur with any nurse, physician, medical technician, or medical facility. Medical malpractice comes in a wide variety of forms and many of them can have long-lasting effects on both the injured and the family.

Examples of Surgical Malpractice

  • During surgery, a nearby organ was damaged.


  • A misdiagnosis that results in either no treatment or improper therapy for the illness.


  • A doctor assures a patient that everything is OK, resulting in a delay in treatment and harm. 


  • This is especially dangerous if the condition is progressing, as it is in the case of cancer.


  • A dentist causes a patient’s teeth to fall out as a result of their carelessness.


  • An erroneous medicine or a medication prescribed at an unsafe dose. This might be due to a doctor’s, a nurse’s, or a pharmacist’s carelessness in prescribing, administering, or dispensing the medicine.


  • Unnecessary surgery leads to the patient’s inability to bear children.


  • A botched cosmetic treatment that results in an injury or a highly unattractive outcome.


  • During surgery, a medical device was unintentionally left inside a patient.


  • Medical record errors that result in improper medical treatments or medicines.


  • Anesthesia that was delivered incorrectly or ineffectively before surgery.


  • A misstep committed during childbirth results in the infant’s death or severe harm, such as brain impairment. This type of medical malpractice frequently results in cerebral palsy.


The Challenge of “Causation”

A patient must show:


  1. That the medical professionals had a duty to provide a standard of care and failed to do so.


  1. That the patient suffered an injury or injuries.


  1. The damage was caused by the alleged medical negligence to have a medical malpractice claim for medical negligence.


What does it mean to have a “standard of care”? 

The meaning differs from one state to the next. Some regulations limit physicians in the same geographic region, while others apply to all doctors across the country. A cardiac surgeon, for example, will be held to the same level as other surgeons in the same area. If they performed differently in comparable circumstances than other cardiac surgeons, that surgeon might be deemed to be medically negligent.

Because the human body comprises interrelated systems, it can be complicated to determine the “cause” in medical malpractice cases. Medical professionals may claim that the harm was caused by the patient’s condition rather than by the treatment.

Psychologists and psychiatrists can be sued for medical malpractice. Still, these cases are far more difficult to establish because the injuries are not just non-physical, but the causation is also complicated.

In any instance, the malpractice insurance company’s attorneys would almost certainly try to claim that the damage was not caused by medical misconduct.

As a result, those injured are encouraged to employ a lawyer to assist them in negotiating a settlement to recoup their losses. In this case, lawyers operate on a “contingency” basis, which means they are not paid until the client pays them. Their fees are reliant on the medical malpractice insurance carrier paying a settlement. If the lawyer successfully gets the client a payment, they will be paid a portion of the money. If the lawyer fails, they will not be paid for the service. As a result, attorneys strive to achieve favorable settlements for their clients.

Type of Settlement

In some areas, the settlement may include cash for pain and suffering, which is a payment for the emotional stress caused by the damage rather than a refund for expenditures. If there is extreme carelessness or wrongdoing, several states provide for “punitive damages.” The amount of compensation that can be awarded in such cases is frequently limited. For non-economic damages, for example, in California, no more than $250,000 can be granted.

Criminal Charges

When a physician or medical facility is found guilty of severe negligence or wrongdoing, the local authorities may pursue criminal charges against them. This is not the same as a medical malpractice lawsuit. The plaintiff in a criminal case is either the city or the state. The wounded patient is the plaintiff in a medical malpractice lawsuit, referred to as a “civil” action. However, one or more defendants would appear in both criminal and civil trials. The defendant is the party or parties claiming to have been medically negligent and defending the lawsuit.

The health department will only take away a doctor’s medical license in situations of extreme negligence.

Do All Medical Malpractice Cases End Up in Court?

The majority of these lawsuits are handled out of court. Still, when the parties cannot agree on a settlement sum, the matter is taken to trial. After that, a judge or jury decides whether or not the patient is entitled to compensation and, if so, how much. Years of discussions might pass before a case goes to trial. During this time, the lawyers on both parties draft legal papers in response to the other party’s queries. These materials are known as “pre-trial discovery.”

Parties’ depositions are often taken. These are interviews in which the attorneys for the opposite party can ask questions.

It is relatively uncommon for a settlement to be reached in the courthouse during the jury selection process. This strategy tries to force both sides to give in by pushing them into a wall. The plaintiff wants the defendant to give in by increasing the settlement amount. Still, the defendant wants the plaintiff to accept the existing settlement offer. If possible, no one wants to take a matter to trial since the expenses of going to court are significantly higher than out-of-court settlements.

However, suppose a defendant’s counsel feels that declining a high settlement demand will save money. In that case, a trial will almost certainly be held.

Doctors, nurses, and surgeons are required to adhere to the highest standards of practice and professionalism. However, no matter how skilled a doctor is, they are just human. As a result, accidents are possible.

Or even worse, that you or someone close to you may be a victim of medical or clinical negligence.

Medical Malpractice

But what exactly is clinical negligence, and how can it harm you or your loved ones?

Medical negligence is described as a breach of a medical professional’s duty of care to a patient, whether that patient is you, a close relative, a kid, or someone else. Many actions or omissions can be classed as a breach of this duty of care, but the following are some of the more common:

  • Failure to provide you with adequate notice of any hazards associated with your treatment.


  • Failing to acquire the necessary consent to conduct a surgery or treat a patient


  • Failure to take adequate precautions during surgery, resulting in damage or deformity


  • Failure to refer you to a specialist or consultant promptly


  • A failure to diagnose medical concerns or difficulties or a delay in interpreting them.


  • Prescriptions for medications that are inaccurate or inappropriate


If a physician, nurse, surgeon, or other medical practitioner behaves in an improper or wrong manner, they may be considered negligent under the law. 

But now that you’ve learned what carelessness is, do you know what to do if you’re a victim of medical malpractice?

What Should I Do If I’m a Victim of Medical Negligence?

Suppose you believe you have gotten inappropriate treatment or have been the victim of medical malpractice. In that case, the first essential thing to do is not panic and obtain a second opinion from a doctor about your illness or symptoms.

You may choose to explore seeking compensation for the injuries or anguish caused by clinical negligence once treatment has commenced and your condition has been brought under control by a medical expert.

You’ll need professional assistance to do so.

Who to Call

If you think you’ve been a victim of medical malpractice, pick up the phone and call your local medical negligence lawyer. We’ll be delighted to assist you.

You can reach Cameron Law Group at 954-994-2254. Do you have questions? Visit us here

Accidents happen all the time. They can occur suddenly and cause significant injury. You should be aware of slip and fall statistics so you can prepare yourself accordingly.


Studies have been done to see how often accidents happen at home. Many factors lead to these mishaps. Slips and falls cause many accidents. Many homes have tiled floors that can become slippery for various reasons. 


These mishaps are the second leading cause of accidental death. Unintentional deaths in motor vehicles top the list.


Public Injuries


Slips and falls are the leading cause of public injuries. Hotels and restaurants are also to blame for slips and falls.


Every day, over 20,000 people are hospitalized from falls.


These statistics should highlight the dangers of slipping and falling. You may face not only high hospital bills but also risk death. Now that you know this, you need to know how to prevent these accidents at home.


Anti-Slip Flooring


Anti-slip flooring is a good solution. You can keep your family safe by implementing it. This solution will keep your floors dry for long periods. Many people are afraid of using anti-slip solutions on their floors for fear of ruining their appearance. This is not necessarily what will happen. Some solutions dry clear over your original surface. It provides a non-slip surface that still looks stunning.


Anti-Slip Tape


After using one anti-slip solution, you’ll want to find more for your home. An anti-slip tape is an excellent option for smaller areas of the home. It’s the ideal solution for a child’s safe play area. If you have stairs, place the tape on the edge of the stair to create friction between your shoe and the stair. This will reduce the risk of a stair fall. It is possible to make your home or business completely slip-free. Don’t let a family member or coworker become a statistic.


Visits to the Emergency Room


Falls are the leading cause of non-fatal medically treated injuries in the U.S. Each year, over 8 million emergency room visits are due to slips, trips, and falls. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death for adults age 65 and older.


Strict Guidelines for Compensation


Unfortunately, an increase in fraudulent claims from people looking to take advantage of the system has led to stricter guidelines for compensating victims of slip and fall accidents. Anyone injured in a dangerous environment due to the owner’s negligence needs an experienced premises liability attorney to understand their legal options and chances of winning.


Immediately After a Slip and Fall


A slip and fall accident may trigger a lawsuit, but the case technically begins when the victim seeks medical attention. Even if you do not feel hurt, you must see a doctor or physician immediately after a slip and fall accident. There are two reasons:


Slip and fall injuries commonly involve head trauma or musculoskeletal injuries, particularly in the vertebral area. These injuries can manifest days, weeks, or even months later. You may not know the full extent of your injuries until it is too late to file a claim.


Recording. Seeing a doctor is also important evidence in a slip and fall case. A judge will not compensate you simply because you were injured. The court will need medical records to assess your claim, so save them for your lawyer.


Preparing for a Slip and Fall Case


After a doctor has assessed your injuries, your attorney will begin preparing your case by investigating the accident scene. The lawyer records every detail, even the smallest, for use in the case.


The Variable Incidence Tribometer is one tool used by attorneys to investigate slip and fall accidents (VIT). The VIT accurately and scientifically determines a walkway’s slip resistance ratio and how much it may have contributed to the incident.


Lawyers gather eyewitness testimony to support the victim’s claim that the establishment was negligent and should be held liable. The defendants may be required to swear to prove that the environment was indeed hazardous if witnesses are hard to find.


While a slip and fall accident can cause you to lose focus and take pictures of the scene, it is important to write down any witnesses’ contact information. These will be crucial pieces of evidence for your future claim.


A slip and fall accident victim may be entitled to recoverable damages if the defendant is found at fault.


With so many frivolous lawsuits out there, getting fair compensation for a slip and fall can be difficult. If you were seriously injured after slipping or falling, contact a slip and fall lawyer to discuss your legal options.


Slip and Fall: The Next Step


You should consult a slip and fall attorney to protect your rights and to receive fair compensation. Cameron Law Group serves South Florida with professional and efficient results. Call 954-994-2254 for an immediate consultation.

People often overlook the potential dangers of a slip or fall. Everyone has at one time or another slipped and fallen on wet spots or tripped over things. Most people simply brush the dirt off and move on with their lives. The problem is that slip and fall accidents can cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Often, the damage isn’t evident until long after the accident has occurred.


A property owner can be held responsible for injuries and falls that result from negligence. The injured person is entitled to compensation for any medical costs and other losses. Unfortunately, the insurance company and property owner may deny you your claim or pay less than you are entitled to.


Cameron Law Group is here for Tamarac residents who have been injured in any type of slip and fall accident. We provide personalized assistance aimed at bringing the best results for your case. Take a moment and read below what steps you should take if this happens to you.

The first thing to do after a slip and fall is to get help.

If you suspect that your injury may be serious, it is best to be cautious and call emergency medical personnel. Sometimes, a person may fall on their head and feel fine. However, they could be left with severe and potentially fatal injuries. If your case is taken to court, the fact that you contacted emergency services proves your claim’s seriousness and legitimacy.


After a slip and fall accident, your health should be your number one priority. It is important to consult a doctor if you have been injured so that the proper documentation can be done. These medical records can be used as evidence if you are seeking compensation for your injuries.

Contact the property owners.

No matter where your slip and fall occurred in Tamarac, whether it’s in a store or on a sidewalk, or at someone’s home, make sure to report it immediately. You should speak to the manager, owner, landlord, or other responsible parties.


Make sure you get all details in writing. Ask the landlord, manager, or owner to write a report and ask for a copy before leaving. If the police have been called, be sure to also ask for a copy of that report.

Keep communication to a minimum.

Keep calm and communicate only with the manager or property owner. Don’t share any information about your accident on social networks. You should also not give an account to an insurance company unless you have spoken with an attorney. Don’t place blame and don’t accept any.

Document everything regarding your slip and fall.

It is important to gather the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all witnesses. If you choose to file a legal case, their statements may be helpful in proving your claim. 


You should also take photos of the exact spot where you fell. Also, make sure to take pictures of any stairs, liquid on the floor, or other factors that may have contributed to your accident. 


Note down everything you did right before the accident, what happened, how you fell, and any other details such as the date and exact time. 


Also, keep the shoes and clothes you were wearing at the time of the accident in safe storage. These items may later prove to be useful.

Contact an attorney.

An experienced attorney is the best person to represent you when considering legal action. A successful law firm will be able to help you because many slip and fall cases can be complex and difficult. Cameron Law Group has the knowledge, experience, and successful record to help you recover the money that you deserve.


Our team has been representing Tamarac, FL residents for almost 15 years now. We will listen to you and aggressively seek out justice and the compensation you rightly deserve. To reach us, click here or give us a call at (954) 994-2254.


If you have lost a loved one or a family member as a result of the carelessness or wrongdoing of another party or person, we understand how painful your situation can be. You will require the services of a wrongful death attorney to guarantee that your family receives the restitution it deserves. For example, you may be considering engaging the services of a wrongful death attorney, but you are debating whether or not to do so due to the stress of dealing with a family member’s death. Then stop delaying; at the very least, speak with a wrongful death attorney to see whether your situation qualifies for a wrongful death lawsuit.


Waiting Has Consequences


Continue to wait and you face the danger of losing your case owing to a lack of proof, which is not uncommon. A party or individual who is accused of being involved in a wrongful death immediately begins taking efforts to conceal any evidence of their involvement in the killing. After all, no one wants to be the loser of a lawsuit or, even worse, to be sentenced to prison. It is critical to take action as soon as possible when a loved one dies in order to ensure that your family receives justice and that your rights are protected.


What to Look For

It is possible to find a competent wrongful death attorney if you know what to look for and how to conduct your search. The most crucial quality a wrongful death attorney may possess is years of expertise in the field. In addition to the knowledge and expertise that comes with experience, these are also two important characteristics to possess when fighting for justice in a court of law. In addition, your illegal death attorney should be quite personable and pleasant to work with. In order to effectively represent their clients, wrongful death attorneys must be sensitive to their emotions and recognize that they are grieving the death of a loved one or a member of their family. As a result of this understanding, your wrongful death attorney will treat your case as a personal matter and will do all in their power to bring your family recompense for the senseless suffering that has been inflicted.


It is quite simple to consult with a wrongful death attorney, and if you have any doubts about the circumstances that led to your loved one’s death, it is highly advised that you do so for the benefit of your own family. After your loved one has passed away, taking the required steps to preserve evidence might mean the difference between an insurmountable quantity of evidence and a negligible amount of evidence. The value of engaging an experienced wrongful death attorney should not be underestimated in this regard.


Whatever the circumstances, you require the assistance of our experienced wrongful death attorney in Tamarac. We are sincerely committed to your case.


When it comes to wrongful death lawsuits, the Cameron Law Group in Tamarac realizes that to you and your family it is more than simply a legal matter. These cases sometimes include whole families, and getting the appropriate support is critical to obtaining justice for your loved ones. Our attorneys have experience with a large number of wrongful death cases.


Tamarac Attorneys Who Fight For You

If you hire an experienced wrongful death attorney, he or she will fight to obtain you the most compensation possible. In some circumstances, you may even be entitled to punitive penalties. If you are having second thoughts regarding the manner in which a family member or loved one died, do not wait until it is too late to take action to resolve the situation. Do the right thing and take the appropriate steps to ensure that your family receives the compensation they deserve.

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There is no easy way to handle the death of a loved one, but it can be especially difficult when you lose them as a result of someone else’s negligence. In addition to the pain you’re experiencing, the road ahead may now be fraught with financial hardships. Thankfully, you’re entitled to hire a wrongful death attorney in Tamarac and file a wrongful death lawsuit to seek compensation. You and the surviving members of your family may be eligible to seek monetary and, in some cases, punitive damages. Contact Cameron Law Group today to get started.

Who Can File A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Under Florida law, the surviving family members of the victim are eligible to file a wrongful death claim in Tamarac to seek compensation from the negligent party. Eligible family members include the victim’s spouse, parents, children, and blood relatives or adopted children who were partially or completely dependent on the deceased. The personal representative of the estate and heirs are also entitled, which in most cases, are among the surviving family members.

If you file a claim, you may be entitled to the following recoverable damages:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Medical bills
  • The deceased’s lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Value of the deceased’s lost support
  • Value of lost earnings the deceased would have earned

Although rare, you may also be entitled to punitive damages. Also known as exemplary damages, survivors may be awarded damages if the negligent party acted intentionally or executed gross negligence and recklessness. This punishment is also designed to deter the defendant from engaging in similar acts in the future, such as driving while under the influence.

Punitive damages are usually only awarded in special cases. When you hire a wrongful death attorney in Tamarac, your attorney will review your case and determine whether to pursue punitive damages.

What Qualifies As A Wrongful Death?

In general, any negligent or illegal act that resulted in the death of another person should constitute wrongful death. However, as with any civil lawsuit, certain criteria must be met for a successful lawsuit:

  • A person died
  • A person died because of someone’s negligent, or intended harm
  • The surviving family members are suffering from monetary injuries
  • A representative is appointed for the descendant’s estate

You will be able to file a claim and your case will be more successful if these criteria are met and there are no extenuating circumstances.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Wrongful Deaths?

There are several occurrences of wrongful death, but the following are the most common.

  • Car accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Premise’s liability claims
  • Product liability claims
  • Intentional harm

Even if your loved one was not involved in any of these accidents, you may have a case. The most important element is to obtain evidence that establishes the defendant’s negligent or intentional actions. When you contact the Cameron Law Group, we will strategize to seek maximum compensation.

Don’t Wait To File A Claim

We understand that you and your family are going through a difficult time and that it may seem impossible to find the strength to fight. However, if you want to seek justice, it is important to put the wheels in motion as soon as possible. In Florida, the statute of limitations to file a claim is two years of the date of the death, with a few exceptions. Once a personal representative of the deceased has been appointed, you must hire a wrongful death attorney in Tamarac. Time is of the essence, especially when investigating time-sensitive details of the case, and obtaining witness interviews.

What To Look For In An Attorney?

It’s important to choose the right attorney to ensure a successful result. The attorney you hire should have the necessary experience to handle your case, which includes:

  • Trial experience if your case isn’t settled outside of court (most wrongful death cases are settled outside of court).
  • Experience with wrongful death cases, particularly with similar circumstances.
  • A track record of obtaining large settlements for their clients.

Hiring an attorney who possesses the necessary legal skills is important, but you should also hire someone you feel comfortable working with. They should be able to sympathize with your difficult situation, patiently answer your questions and expertly guide you through the proceedings.

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We often believe our memories are fool-proof. However, you would be surprised how inaccurate our memories can be.

We are prone to forget or, worse, alter our memories. The brain is a complex organ, and we do not realize how often our brains will alter even the most recent memories, especially traumatic ones.

To avoid perjure in the court of law, it is always better to take notes about your accident or injury as soon as it happens. Accurate note-taking is far more reliable than memories, and it can be key for your personal injury claims.

Note-taking or writing down all the details you remember of your accident, injuries, and their effects on your life are the first thing you should do. These notes will prove useful when you file insurance claims or file a personal injury lawsuit months after your accident/injuries.

Always remember to consult Cameron Law Group in Tamarac, Florida, to get the settlement you deserve for your personal injury claims.

Note-Taking for Injury Claims

Here are the main things you should note down for your injury claims.

  • How it Happened

After an accident, it is understandable that you may be in shock. Once you have cleared your head from the initial distress, you should write down all the details of your accident. You can start with where you were, what you were doing, and your destination right before the accident occurred.

You can note down the time, date, and even the weather condition. If there were any people with you, you should note down their details as well. Once you have the setting, you can start describing the accident in as much detail as possible.

Include details like how the accident happened, what you felt, and its impact on your body during and after the accident occurred. Do not leave out the minor details like, what you heard, who were the people involved, what they said after the accident and what witnesses said.

The more detail you can write down, the better. Although, you must differentiate the facts from speculation.

  • What it Did to You

You may not feel some injuries till a few hours have passed or even the next day after your accident. Keep track of your injuries, the discomfort, and the pain you feel, several days following your accident. If you experience any anxiety, stress, or sleep deprivation, make a note of that too.

Such things add up in your ‘pain and suffering,’ for which you deserve rightful compensation. Writing them down will ensure you can easily recall and describe when you experienced them, how many times you experienced them, and how they made you feel.

Moreover, tell your doctor every detail of the smallest injuries you incurred. These details will help them treat you better, and it will also go down on your medical record. Most importantly, it will help doctors assess things like a small bump on your head, which caused back pain many weeks later.

Combined, You can use these minor details and your medical records in your personal injury claims made to insurance providers and the person/s responsible for your injuries.

  • What You Lost

‘Damages’ and ‘pain and suffering’ in personal injury claims extend beyond your injuries; it includes economic, social, and personal losses as well. Again, you should have a detailed description of them, which is why noting them down is your best option.

You should start taking note of them right after your accident. You should note down any salary, income, meetings, work hours, classes, vacations, events, and social or family gatherings you missed due to your accident or injuries.

Any economic, social, or personal losses count, and you should write them all down.


Accidents and injuries are never a good experience. Any damages, pain, suffering, or losses you faced deserve rightful settlement, and you are entitled to get the full compensation for them. Note-taking will help you in your injury claims and ensure that you get the settlement you deserve.

Another best practice is to note down the details of your injury claims process. Write down details related to meeting anyone you consulted, for example,  insurance providers, witnesses, doctors, and adjusters.

If you want to learn more about note-taking for injury claims or want the best personal injury claims attorney in Tamarac, Florida, please visit our website today.

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