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If you’ve been faced with a litigation problem, you’ll want a lawyer that has plenty of life experience. Having a trial attorney in Sunrise with years of professionalism and genuine customer care can take your case from unwinnable, to a better outcome than you could have expected. When people are involved in court cases, it’s not always clear what they’re getting themselves into, and what they can expect along the way. In this article, the experts at Cameron Law Group are here to help you better understand what you’ll need to beat your case, and how a seasoned trial attorney can help. Keep reading to learn more! 



  • Individual Servicing from a Trial Attorney in Sunrise 


One of the biggest reasons to hire a trial attorney is for their expertise and personalized services. No two trials are ever the same. There are many factors that go into the making of a court case, the background facts, and the individuals that are playing their parts. That’s why it’s crucial to hire an attorney that works with every individual on a case-to-case basis, meaning that they understand the independence of each case from the others. Understanding this will help the attorney to identify what’s different, what the most important facts are, and how to best assist you, personally, with your needs. 



  • Day-to-Day Tasks


When prepping for a court case, there are many aspects that go into it. First, they’ll need to contact their clients through phone calls, emails, videos, and more. These meetings will help them to assess the happenings of the case, any new informational details, questions they might have, and more. They’ll also spend plenty of time digging through the information of the case, ensuring that they have all they need to win the case. They’ll go through evidence, statutes, and notes. They might even talk to witnesses and form strategies. These daily tasks, accumulated over time, will help them to build a strong and unwavering case. 



  • Plea Bargains 


It’s very important to hire a trial attorney you can count on. The reason being is that they’ll help you out of issues when you need assistance the most. One of the biggest things a trial attorney can do is issue a plea bargain. A plea bargain is essentially an attempt to reduce charges that have been brought against you. In some cases, those charges can be dropped altogether. However, if the other party is not willing to negotiate, then you’ll need someone to have your back in court. 



  • Understanding the Rules 


Law is a vast subject, and it ranges city to city and state to state. Therefore, having a lawyer by your side, that understands the ins and outs of law is crucial. You’ll need someone who truly understands the rules and regulations that not only apply to your specific case, but that also applies to the location. You’ll want someone who can anticipate the other party’s moves so that your team can be one step in front of them. This technical knowledge is a must if you’re looking for a high-quality attorney. 



  • Witnesses 


Last but not least, a quality attorney will know how to handle witnesses, investigators, and other individuals’ part of the case. They’ll work side-by-side to gather the needed evidence, and they’ll need to talk witnesses into wanting to testify on your behalf. Dealing with witnesses isn’t easy, as many people are nervous about getting on the stage to oppose another party. However, with a quality attorney to help, you can rest at ease, knowing that they’ll help you win your case. 


If you’re looking for a trial attorney in Sunrise, you’re in the right place. At Cameron Law Group, we’re here to help you when you need assistance the most. This includes hearing your case and deciding whether or not we’re a good fit. If we feel that we are, we’ll work diligently and tirelessly to prove you innocent. We have many years of experience and feel that all people deserve to have access to a trial attorney that is efficient, effective, and reliable. If you’re looking for a law firm you can trust, look no further than Cameron Law Group today. Call us at 954-994-2254.  

Have you recently lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence? This could be due to a car accident, medical malpractice, a work-related incident, or a slip and fall case. Whatever the reasoning may be, there’s no doubt that this time is hard and quite painful. Nothing can bring back your loved one, but there are certain compensations you could be qualified to receive. At Cameron Law Group, we know how challenging this is, and we know how sensitive it can be to deal with such a devastating loss. Many people come to our firm, simply because we are kind, compassionate, and caring. In addition to our empathy, we also believe in fighting endlessly for the rights and justice of our clients and their family members. You don’t have to go through this process alone. To learn more about working with a wrongful death attorney, keep reading. 



  • File Insurance Claims with a Wrongful Death Attorney in Sunrise


When filing a wrongful death claim, there are mountains of paperwork that need to be filed in the process. This can seem unfair, as you’re only looking for justice for the unexpected loss of your loved one. Yet, the courts and insurance companies need to see proof and logistics in order to give you the compensation you rightfully deserve. We know that dealing with these types of things so close to the timing of the loss of a loved one can leave heavy burdens, and perhaps even anger. Fortunately, the team at Cameron Law Group can help you when you need assistance the most. We’re here to help you file your insurance claim, and we’re here to press if the insurance companies don’t give you the wages you fairly deserve. 



  • Maximum Damages 


When you’ve lost someone you deeply care about, you deserve to have the maximum amount of settlement money coming to you. With a quality wrongful death attorney, you can expect to receive the full spectrum of what you’re owed. A personal attorney will fight for you, as long as it takes, to ensure that you’re treated fairly and that your family is given justice. While the money received will never bring back the life of the person you’ve lost, it will help cover costs such as funeral expenses, loss of income, and emotional damages. This is especially important for those who are filing against large businesses and medical centers, as their insurance companies are trained well. You’ll need a quality attorney to have your back as you begin to file. 



  • Advice and Guidance 


The world of law is quite vast, and there are many avenues and elements to consider. Fortunately, with experts such as Cameron Law Group on your side, you can rest at ease knowing that you’re well taken care of. Our team can provide guidance and advice, especially if there are any court dates that need to be navigated. We’ll educate you on your options, and we’ll give our seasoned and professional feedback about routes to take, settlements, and so much more. We’re on the same team, so we have your best interest at heart. 



  • Support 


Last but not least, you’ll want a law professional to be there to support you when you need it the most. There’s nothing scarier than realizing that you’re filing a lawsuit against big businesses or hospitals. You don’t have to file on your own. You’ll have someone there to speak on your behalf, fight for you, and be the spokesperson for your family and the loved one you’ve lost. 


If you’re looking for a firm to help you with your case, then contact a wrongful death attorney in Sunrise from Cameron Law Group today. We’re dedicated to ensuring that you recover, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Give us the difficult tasks, so that you can be there for your family as you console them, help them, and comfort them. Don’t let another moment pass by. Instead, contact Cameron Law Group today at 954-472-5645. We’re here to help you win this case, and give your family the justice they’re entitled to. 

When someone you love dies of the negligence of a stranger, or someone you know, the surviving family members can file a wrongful death claim in Sunrise, and beyond. This type of claim can give families access to damages sustained from the passing of a loved one. These cases are very sensitive, frustrating, and hurtful. It’s essential that family members seek out a professional wrongful death attorney to help aid in this investigation and obtaining the damages. Fortunately, at Cameron Law Group, we’re a compassionate team, and we’re to help when you need assistance the most. The way that we do this is by helping our clients file claims. If you’ve never been in a wrongful death case, we’ve created a template of what to expect. Keep reading to learn more. 


What Qualifies as a Wrongful Death Claim in Sunrise? 

First, it’s important to know what grounds one has to file a wrongful death case. Not anyone can file, as there are very critical guidelines as to what qualifies as a wrongful death case. The general idea of the case is that the person who has passed away lost their life due to the negligence of somebody else. This can be found in nursing homes, hospitals, cosmetic procedures, car accidents, slip and fall cases, and so much more. The compensation that family members receive is not only for their own peace of mind, loss of a loved one, and grief, but also for the coverages of loss of income, loss of housing, and funeral expenses. The guidelines are as follows: 


  • The loved one must be able to prove that someone else’s negligence caused the passing of their family and that it was not done on purpose. 
  • The loved one must show that they have suffered greatly and that their loved one being gone will severely impact their lives. 


When someone is going through a wrongful death case, there’s nothing more frustrating and heartbreaking than needing to prove the loss of someone you deeply care about. That’s why it’s imperative that an attorney is hired so that the family never needs to deal with the negotiations, proofs, and investigations directly. While it’s common for family members to want to be a part of this conversation, it’s easier often that they are not. It brings only frustration, sadness, and anger. Instead, choosing an attorney that you feel you can trust is the best option. You’ll be well taken care of, and your emotions will be guarded. 


Who Can File the Lawsuit? 

The only people who can file a wrongful death cause are those who are spouses or children of the individual who has passed. In some states, family members that are extended, including cousins, grandparents, and siblings, can also file. It’s important to understand the rules from state to state so that you can better align yourself with what you can do, and what you cannot. Again, hiring an attorney will help you to understand this better will save you time and stress. 


When it comes to damages that family members can collect, there are a few damages to keep in mind. First, you’ll be able to file for medical bills and burial expenses. You’ll also be able to ask for compensation for lost wages. Suffering will also give you further compensation. In many states, there is a time limit on how long you can wait to file a wrongful death claim. If you wait too long, you may no longer be eligible to file the claim. It’s important to talk with an attorney to discuss the time limits and the legal rights you have. 


Where to File a Wrongful Death Claim? 

If you’re looking for a firm to file your wrongful death claim, you’re in the right place. At Cameron Law Group, we strive to help our clients through this challenging and difficult time. We know how heartbreaking it can be to lose a loved one, especially when their passing is due to someone else’s negligence. Cameron Law Group is here to help you uncover the truth and get the justice that you and your family deserve. Contact our team today at (954) 994-2254. 

We all know a slip and fall case when we see one. It all starts with someone doing a commonplace activity such as grocery shopping, browsing at the mall, or heading into work for the day. Then, in the blink of an eye, the person slips and falls, tumbling down to the ground. While the majority of times these public places have those bright yellow signs with the cartoon person on it, slip and falls are considered slip and fall because of the lack of these signs. And rightfully so. After all, no one would knowingly walk into a wet floor. This situation is so easy to prevent, yet, so many companies face a lawsuit every year because of instances just like this one. While many slip and falls result in more embarrassment than injury, there remain to be too many cases where people are seriously harmed. If you or a loved one find yourself in this situation where a slip and fall has injured you in any way, you may want to consider pursuing a slip and fall case. Our team here at Cameron Law Group are seasoned experts when it comes to all kinds of injury law, including slip and falls. This experience makes us able to get you the justice and reparations you deserve. But first, you probably want to learn a little bit more about slip and fall cases, so keep reading below.

What is the Foundation of a Slip and Fall Lawsuit?

This is a common question we get, and we completely understand as every slip and fall situation is different. There are no two cases that are identical to one another. However, every case has one thing in common: the property owner was negligent. If this wasn’t the case then you would not need a lawsuit because that little yellow sign would have been out on display. Whether a company employee is to blame or a manager is to blame, it all falls on the property owner. But before pursuing a lawsuit against the company, you are going to want to consider a few things:

– Did your fall result in an injury?
– Was a sign or some form of warning present or given?
– Did the owner acknowledge the damaged or dangerous surface?

While you do not need to have 100% of the information, the more you know the better for your lawsuit. If any of your answers to these questions present carelessness on the owner’s part then you are likely to have a great foundation for your lawsuit.

What are the Results of a Slip and Fall Lawsuit?

The results of a lawsuit are always going to be different depending on the evidence provided and your situation. Although, most slip and fall cases that can prove carelessness result in the victim receiving a large sum of money. Money is usually the reparations as it is the only way for the victim to pay off any medical bills they may have had because of the slip and fall. This large sum of money is also a great way to prevent any incidents from happening again at the company. The company will feel the brunt of the profit loss and feel more inclined to crack down on safety precautions and regulations. This is also great for other businesses. Making an example out of one company can show other companies that this could happen to them too if they are irresponsible. Slip and falls are no joke and can result in someone being seriously injured, they should be treated seriously.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a slip and fall incident then it’s time you seek justice. You should not have to pay for your medical bills, time taken off from work, and any other disruptions to everyday life for something that could have been easily prevented. Companies should own up to their mistakes and ensure the victim can recover from the incident. To start your lawsuit, you are going to need an attorney from Cameron Law Group to assist you. Our team are experts in injury law and know how to present your case to get you the proper reparations and justice. To learn more about Cameron Law Group and our services, give us a call today at (954) 994-2254.

As soon as the summer hits in South Florida hurricane season has officially begun. While most of the hurricanes are experienced in late summer/early fall, it’s still good to acknowledge that hurricane season has arrived. This gives you the ability to stock up on any supplies you may need and review your insurance policy. When a hurricane hits, if it hits, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have everything you and your loved ones need to make it through. Although, this peace of mind does not always last long. After the hurricane, you are going to want to do two things: make sure your loved ones are safe and check out the property damage. If your property is damaged you are then going to need to call the insurance company. They will come on out, evaluate the damage, and give you a compensation estimate. This is already quite stressful, add on top of it the stress of the compensation offered not being enough. Unfortunately, this happens far too often. If you find yourself in this situation then it’s time you fight back and get the compensation you deserve. Our team at Cameron Law Group are more than happy to assist you in getting the fair compensation you deserve.

When Should I Contact a Hurricane Claim Attorney?

It can be difficult to figure out what your next move is after having a hard time with the insurance company. Do you keep trying? Or do you give up? These questions see many people choosing to stop pursuing the claim as they are not aware of their options. However, contacting a hurricane claim attorney can be the answer to all of your questions. With a hurricane claim attorney such as a member of our team from Cameron Law Group, you can get fair compensation without having to deal with the insurance company. This is a major win-win for you. Keep reading to learn about some of the common situations where an attorney is needed.

Your Claim is Denied

This scenario is more common than people think; after having someone come on out to evaluate the damage, constantly being in contact with the insurance company, and spending time on your claim, you are denied. Many people are denied by the insurance company, leaving them to go in their own pockets for all of the damages incurred during the hurricane. The damage may not always be horrible, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t expensive. If you have fallen into this situation in the past then you may want to be prepared for it to happen again. When the insurance companies cannot be trusted it’s time to look for help elsewhere. Here at Cameron Law Group, we can help you when your claim gets denied. We will work tirelessly to negotiate so you receive fair compensation.

You are Unfamiliar with the Claim/Negotiation Process

If you have never had to deal with the insurance company before then consider yourself lucky. It is by far one of the biggest hassles. Not only do you need to fill out a claim, but you also have to negotiate with the insurance company about the said claim. This is incredibly frustrating and time consuming for the average person. The worst part is that sometimes your claim can be denied over frivolous reasons, making the process even more frustrating. Whether you have been through the ordeal before, or never have and don’t want to experience it, Cameron Law Group is here for you. We can handle the messy parts of the process, such as negotiation, for you. Who better to negotiate on your behalf than someone who makes a living debating and negotiating?

Whether you are new to hurricane season or a veteran, knowing all of your options when it comes to dealing with the insurance company can prove to be a real asset. Regardless of how much damage your home has incurred, you are still entitled to fair and just compensation. And sometimes the only way to get that is with a hurricane claim attorneys help. To learn more about hurricane claim representation and Cameron Law Group, give us a call today at (954) 994-2254.

Medical negligence comes in many forms, with some being more dangerous than others. No matter how dangerous your situation was, medical negligence is never okay. Doctors and medical professionals are people who are there to protect you and help you live a healthy life. If they can’t do that then who can? This is where the mental and emotional turmoil of medical negligence can play a large role in the damage that is done. No matter how small the harm is physical, there will always be that mental scar. This is just a small peek into the damage; however, some situations can be much more gruesome and horrifying. If you or a loved one have been a victim of medical negligence, know that you are not alone and that there are people who want to help you. Here at Cameron Law Group, we believe every victim of medical negligence deserves a chance at justice. That’s why we are here to represent you and your case. All you have to do is hop on a call with us and tell us your story. This will help us determine how actionable your case is and what kind of justice we can expect if you choose to pursue it.

Errors Committed During Surgery

A frightening kind of medical negligence is an error during surgery. These types of errors can be but are not limited to botched surgeries, a wrongfully placed incision, an item left inside the body, infection, and death. Any which way an error committed in surgery goes, it does not end up well for the patient. This is a serious offense and can significantly alter the patient’s life. Not only is this physically and mentally harmful, but it also could result in extremely high medical bills for the patient affected. In this situation getting justice can be equal parts important for closure and healing as it is for costs.

Incorrect Prescriptions

Failing to prescribe the correct prescription can result in unexpected side effects, further illnesses, and medical complications. While sometimes this may be no big deal and a mistake that can be brushed under the rug, other times it can be the difference of life or death. Whether you need the prescription to live or the wrong prescription is fatal for you to take, this kind of issue can become severe real quick.

Failure to Diagnose

Failure to diagnose can go two ways; the doctor either did not diagnose you in the correct time frame, or the doctor did not diagnose you for the correct illness. Either way, failure to diagnose can be detrimental to a patient’s health. Some conditions require fast action to prevent further damage, making this situation fatal for some. This also rings true for those who are diagnosed with the wrong illness and are being incorrectly treated. Not only do most forms of aggressive treatment have side effects, but can also interfere with other conditions and the patient’s general health. If you or a loved one has become a victim of a failure to diagnose, be sure to seek justice at Cameron Law Group.

Conducting Childbirth Incorrectly

The entire process of being pregnant is stressful enough, adding the process of childbirth on top of it is enough for new mothers to be overcome with worry. However, a doctor’s role during childbirth is to assist with the delivery and make the mother feel at ease. While this is usually the case, there are instances where the childbirth does not go successfully. This may not always end up being detrimental; although, there are some instances where injury can occur. In these situations, we recommend seeking justice through an injury attorney. Childbirth should be a beautiful moment with the mother and the baby both being safe afterward. Any kind of incorrect methods resulting in injury should be addressed and compensated for.


Here at Cameron Law Group, your peace of mind is important to us. Which is why we will fight for justice for your medical negligence case. We know how hard it can be to come to terms with what happened, but with justice, we hope you will begin to heal and feel some kind of closure. To learn more about medical negligence and our services, give us a call today at (954) 994-2254.

When you go to the doctor you put all of your trust in them. These are the people who are qualified, informed, and caring enough to take care of yourself and your health. People have no choice but to trust a doctor’s opinion, but what happens when medical negligence occurs? Who are you supposed to turn to then? Although rare, medical negligence unfortunately occurs. And while sometimes these situations are minor, there are cases where they can have a huge impact on your life. Negligence in the worst cases can result in an altered way of life, infections, expensive medical bills, and even death. It’s safe to say that these situations are no joke and should be taken with the utmost seriousness. That’s why you need a medical negligence attorney in these cases. Without representation, your odds of getting reparations and justice are slim to none. Which is unacceptable. After being put through so much you deserve to see justice. If you or a loved one has been involved in a medical negligence situation, make sure you contact Cameron Law Group. Our team will work tirelessly to ensure you see the justice you deserve.

What Can a Medical Negligence Attorney Do for You?

Sometimes medical negligence can be brushed off by the patient, and other times it can be traumatic. Regardless of what side of the spectrum your situation falls on, you should still seek representation. When you give our office a call, we can help you figure out if this is a case worth pursuing. We can also gather all of the facts and your personal story to determine the value of the case. This way you know what the best course of action is for you and whether justice is something you want to seek. We know it may be difficult to recount everything that has happened; however, doing so will help us help you get the justice you deserve. If your case ends up being a strong one worth pursuing, then you can trust that Cameron Law Group will give you personalized assistance. We will work hard to make sure your story is heard.

What Qualifies as Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence can be a hard topic to navigate. Is it as small as not calling a patient back with test results or as big as a botched surgery? Knowing what scenario falls under the category can save you a lot of confusion. Some of the common causes of medical negligence are neglect to test for specific conditions, failure to properly diagnose an illness, committing errors during surgery, prescribing the wrong medication, not diagnosing an illness in the proper time frame, and conducting childbirth incorrectly. If you or a loved has experienced any of the above situations then you may want to give our office a call.

What are the Most Common Case Results?

If you do have a case worth pursuing then there are a few different results that could come from it. Every medical negligence case is different meaning that there a variety of outcomes depending on the severity of your situation. Working closely with your Cameron Law Group attorney will give you a better idea of what kind of justice you can expect to receive. Some of the common case results are financial compensation, restorative medical care, revoking of the doctor’s medical license, review of all of the medical professionals involved, an investigation into the medical practice, and more. Depending on your situation and the attorneys fighting for you will decide what kind of reparation you see. That is why it is so important to have attorneys you can trust on the case, such as our team from Cameron Law Group.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of medical negligence then its time you seek justice. Medical negligence can be extremely dangerous physically and mentally. Not only is your trust in medical professionals damaged but you can suffer physically as well. These situations deserve to be dealt with and compensated for. While the damage may be done, you still deserve to see the person responsible reprimanded. To learn more about Cameron Law Group and find out if your case is strong enough to pursue, give our office a call today at (954) 994-2254.

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