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Accidents happen no matter what. That is why it is important you have car insurance. But if you get involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist, it can complicate matters.

This is especially true if it is the uninsured motorist who is at fault for the crash. Though this is a difficult situation to be in, especially after being involved in a car accident, there are plenty of options at your disposal that can remedy the situation for you. To make it easy for you to make a decision, we’ve listed some for you.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

If you get involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, you will probably have to look to your own insurance company to help you. To keep yourself safe it is prudent to already have an uninsured motorist (UIM) coverage as an add-on to your insurance policy. Although only a few states require it, most insurance companies offer it. 

Most states require car insurance for registered vehicles. However, there are a lot of drivers who drive uninsured and that is why it becomes even more important that you have UIM coverage. Be aware that UIM only covers injuries you have sustained during the accident. To ensure that your vehicle is covered for damages, you need to have an Uninsured Motorist Property Damage Coverage. 

No-Fault, MedPay, and PIP Coverage 

If you do not have UIM coverage, there are other options. The great thing about living in a no-fault state is that your car insurance will cover your medical bills and other damages that you may have incurred. You typically cannot sue in a no-fault state unless the injuries are serious and/or the medical bills exceed a certain amount. 

For those that do not live in a no-fault state, you can take out Medical Payments (MedPay) and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. This coverage allows you to make a claim during treatment. You can send your medical bills as they come. Some issues may be psychological, like PTSD. For instance, you may find yourself on the toilet sweating experiencing flashbacks from the accident. These issues may not be covered. 

Collision Coverage 

You can also allow collision coverage to your insurance. This will allow you to repair your vehicle if you are hit by an uninsured driver, a hit-and-run driver, or even if the accident was your fault. It will not cover medical bills, though. 

Insurance Companies Seeking Reimbursement 

Your insurance company has the right to go after the person responsible for the accident. If you file an uninsured motorist claim and collision coverage claim, your insurance company can seek reimbursement from the motorist you got in an accident with. However, the insurance company will most likely not do this unless the motorist has enough assets to collect the money. 

Uninsured Motorist With an Insured Car 

If the uninsured motorist is driving a car that is insured, the car’s insurance policy will cover the costs of the accident. An exception to this is if the driver is not permitted to drive the car. Also, if they are excluded from coverage, the car’s insurance will not extend to the damages of the accident. 

Time to Talk to an Attorney 

Once you have informed your insurance company of the accident, they can help you find out the application for your coverage. If you live in Brooklyn, NY, and do not have adequate insurance to cover serious injuries, a car accident attorney can help you figure out your options. If you find yourself on your toilet sweating from psychological issues due to the accident, you may need to reach out for professional help. Contact Cameron Law Group for legal aid. Our experts can help you tackle the legalities involved after a car accident. For more details call (954) 994-2254 today.

If you have questions about what makes personal injury lawyers different from other kinds of practice specialties, this post is for you. Personal injury lawyers help you or someone you love after an injury. It’s never recommended to represent yourself when an accident due to someone else’s negligence results in injuries.

A personal injury lawyer protects your legal rights. Because personal injury law is widely considered one of the most complex parts of the law to understand, an experienced personal injury attorney Tamarac has the expertise and knowledge you need. In Florida, a “no-fault” insurance state, you must first request compensation for medical bills and lost wages from PPI.

However, if you suffered a serious injury, your hospital bills, doctor visits, rehab costs, and lost income will probably exceed PPI thresholds. Contact us now to discuss your case.

How Is a Personal Injury Lawyer Different?

Personal injury lawyers often have various characteristics and traits that distinguish them from other lawyers. For instance, a personal injury lawyer and a civil attorney are both legal professionals and both assist others in settling disputes, but the two practices of law are distinct from each other:

• Importantly, your personal injury lawyer is unlikely to request fees or retainers until they win just compensation for your claim. Other lawyers must charge retainers in advance of their service delivery. The costs of hiring your lawyer for civil litigation or any other legal specialty can add up quickly—especially if you’re worried about lost wages and income from work.

• If you’re seriously injured and have financial concerns about paying for hospital bills, medical care, property damages, and more, you may ask how it’s possible to afford the high cost of a personal injury lawyer. Your personal injury lawyer in Tamarac isn’t paid unless you’re compensated for your injuries because they work on a contingency fee basis. This is also referred to as a performance-related fee.

Personal Injury Lawyer Tamarac

There are lots of scenarios in which you need to engage a personal injury lawyer—and not only for a car collision or related case. If you develop any physical injury due to another person or entity’s negligence, you need a personal injury lawyer.

Personal injuries can result from vehicle accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, medical malpractice, an animal bite, and much more. Look for a personal injury lawyer with experience in handling these cases.

Some personal injury lawyers also work with clients injured at work or in car accidents. These attorneys will sometimes work with clients who may have caused accidents, claim partial responsibility for an accident, or have been negligent in an accident or medical care matter.

Because personal injury lawyers frequently work on a contingency basis, they’re compensated only if their clients win at court (or if the case settles in the client’s favor before it reaches the courtroom).

Personal Injury Law in Florida

Successful personal injury lawyers have a deep understanding of tort law. These laws govern personal injury cases and protect the individual’s rights if they’re victimized by another party’s wrongful conduct. Personal injury law focuses mostly on the victim’s financial damages and doesn’t devolve into a criminal matter even if significant wrongdoing occurred.

Your personal injury lawyer will handle your case from start to completion:

• They gather evidence and proof to support the case.

• They consider how your injuries have affected your body and emotions. Damages are assessed in your financial compensation claim.

• They protect your legal rights and interests. They ensure that you’re paid just compensation for property damage and injuries.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Tamarac

Florida’s no-fault laws may seem confusing if you’re injured in an accident. Call Cameron Law Group to schedule a confidential and free case evaluation.

Suppose you or your loved ones have been injured due to another person’s negligence. In that case, you have one of two options – file a personal injury claim or a lawsuit. While these terms are used interchangeably, they couldn’t be more different. In this blog post, we will explain the differences between a personal injury claim and a lawsuit to help you decide which one you should file. So keep reading to learn more. 

What is Personal Injury Claim 

An injury claim is another term for an insurance claim. You can file a claim with your insurance company or the at-fault party’s insurance when you are injured. Depending on your insurance, the claim will be filed either with a homeowners policy, professional liability policy, or auto insurance policy. 

After the claim has been filed, your insurance company will send an insurance adjuster. This persona will investigate the case and conclude it. The parameters for the conclusion are how the incident happened, who was at fault, and the damages you sustained. 

Afterward, the insurance adjuster will review police reports and medical statements to verify your claim. Make sure you have a copy of these documents with you. A key point to remember here is that the insurance adjuster is not on your side. 

They are agents whose responsibility is to bring down the claim request as low as possible. Therefore, it’s best to have your personal injury lawyer talk to the insurance adjuster. 

You and your attorney will negotiate with the insurance company regarding your claim. Consequently, it’s in your interest to hire the best personal injury lawyer to handle your case. 

What is Personal Injury Lawsuit 

If you cannot settle the case with your or the at-fault party’s insurance company, you can file a personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury lawsuit is a case filed in the civil court to request funds against the injuries you sustained due to the other party’s negligence. 

Personal injury lawsuits can become complicated as you have to prove to the judge and the jury that the causes of your injuries are due to the other party’s negligence. Moreover, personal injury lawsuits are time-consuming as they can take weeks to months. Here are the stages involved in a personal injury lawsuit. 

  • Filing: Your attorney files the documents required by the court and ensures everyone involved with the case is notified in advance. 
  • Discovery: This is the phase where both parties accumulate facts and evidence to strengthen their side. At this point, the case is settled outside court without moving to the trial phase. 
  • Trial Phase: If a settlement isn’t reached in the discovery phase, the personal injury lawsuit moves to the trial phase. Both parties present their case to the judge and the jury. The trial phase can take weeks to months and may include several hearings. 
  • Completion of Trial: After both sides have been heard, the jury is dismissed to come up with a verdict. If the ruling is in your favor, a compensation amount will be decided. 
  • After the Trial: After the ruling is made, the losing side can lodge an appeal which will lead to another trial or settlement between both parties. 

When Should I Pursue a Lawsuit? 

Typically, the first step is to file a personal injury claim and try to settle for an amount offered by the insurance company. However, if your insurance company is trying to avoid paying the full amount, you can file a personal injury lawsuit. But know that personal injury lawsuits can take time, and you might not win the case if the evidence isn’t in your favor. 

Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

When the personal injury claim turns into a personal injury lawsuit, you will need a lawyer on your side. This is because the matter has moved from simple conversation to legal proceedings, and if you don’t know how the law works, you need a competent professional on your side. You can represent yourself, but it’ll be a substantial risk because understanding the law is one thing but having relevant experience in personal injury lawsuits is a whole new game. 

Final Verdict 

Personal injury claims and lawsuits are used interchangeably while these terms are the polar opposite of each other. While the former is a straightforward request, the latter is an invitation to the courtroom. Usually, personal injury lawsuits are settled outside court because neither of the two parties has the time to go through a trial. But a competent lawyer can help you secure the compensation you deserve without filing a personal injury lawsuit. 

At Cameron Law Group, we have a team of experienced personal injury lawyers to represent your case in court. We also have relevant experience and knowledge about how insurance companies work. Therefore, most of our clients have received their compensation without even filing a personal injury lawsuit. You can contact us by visiting our website or discuss your case with an expert by dialing (954) 994 2254. 

When you have traumatic injuries caused by unsafe conditions, it is normal to need help with physical, mental, and financial issues. Falls may cause head, neck, back, shoulders, legs, ankles, feet, and knee injuries. In the United States, slips and falls are the leading source of injury and one of the top causes of debilitating incidents. They can lead to long-term mental health problems like stress, anxiety, depression, and suicide.

After an accident involving slips and falls in Florida, contacting an injury attorney is in your best interest. Contacting an attorney is critical, especially if your injury prevents you from working or leads to rising medical costs. In this case, the right lawyer can investigate the incident, prove liability, help you make amends, and help get you paid for your damages.

Contrary to widespread belief, slipping and falling accidents are not always the result of clumsiness. They are often a combination of factors, such as lack of awareness, poor judgment, or poor planning. 

Sometimes it is because of negligence by the owner or occupant, and usually someone is liable to pay compensation to the injured party.

The location of the accident site and whether negligence led to the unsafe conditions that caused the fall are the decisive factors for liability in the event of a slip and fall. If you have been injured or injured in a sliding accident, you should be immediately examined. 

When you claim injury because of a fall, the opposing party will do everything in its power to cast doubt on your account of events. They will say you are responsible for your injuries to avoid paying fair compensation. A broken hip or pelvic bone is a particular concern of older accident victims.

Countless people slip and fall each year. According to the NFSI, eight million emergency room visits are attributed to this type of injury each year. Millions of people are not seeking medical help or before seeing a doctor. 

For example, a person may break a bone in a sliding or falling accident and assume the injury is less severe. But they might not be aware of serious signs of injuries. Waiting for treatment can have disastrous consequences: an untreated TBI can lead to persistent pain for months. It is vital to get a specialist to identify and assess this injury. Even if you feel the injury is minor, consult a doctor immediately. 

The effects can range from increased recovery time to emotional and severe fractures that require many surgeries. Victims can suffer from various emotional, physical, and psychological effects of TBI injuries. 

Slipping and falling is many of the leading causes of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the US and the second leading cause of death in people over sixty-five. Broken bones in people over sixty-five are more likely to happen, more likely to happen compared with other injuries. Older people also have more severe and permanent injuries from falls, as their bones are thinner and more fragile.

Slipping and falling is the 2nd leading cause of traumatic brain injury in the US and the 3rd leading cause of death in people over sixty-five. 

Slipping and falling accidents should be taken seriously, especially by older Americans. Most often, they are dismissed as nothing more than an embarrassing event. They do not want to cringe, so they do not report their injuries. 

Why Hire Our Slip And Fall Personal Injury Legal Practitioner?


Slipping and falling accidents Injuries occur when an area is not maintained correctly. It would result in injuries and lead to loss of income or physical and mental pain. 

For most people, this could become a financial burden. Victims of injuries deserve compensation and help for their injuries. An excellent personal injury lawyer helps collect valuable information and proof which party is to blame in an accident with a slip and fall. Proving negligence can be difficult unless your lawyer has a great understanding of your case. 

Consider hiring our Florida Slip and Fall Accident Attorney to get compensation for your slip-and-fall injuries. 


We consider ourselves one of the best personal injury attorneys in the state of Florida and a first-class professional. Among our peers, we are quickly becoming the top personal injury attorneys in the state of Florida and the foremost independent legal authority. Our accident lawyers have reclaimed lots of money for victims of slips and falls and their families. We specialize in severe injury cases, including serious injuries to children, adults, and seniors, and minor injuries, such as car accidents. 

If you’re seeking damages for your injury, we recommend hiring an experienced attorney who understands the law and knows how it can affect your claim. Our experienced lawyers will accompany you step by step and keep you up to date, so you will focus on recovering. Your lawyer will collect evidence from the scene of the accident, including the damages and other objects that may have caused your fall. 

Sometimes, it is also necessary to hire a professional accident attorney to better understand the accident’s cause. If you have an accident, you might likely need the help of an attorney. Personal injury is slightly more complicated than slipping and falling injuries, where liability is relatively easy to prove, but it is significantly more complicated than a typical accident reconstruction case. 

We Could Assist You If You Suffered From Injuries Caused By Slipping, Falling Or Other Personal Injuries


At Cameron Law Group, our Tamarac, Florida attorneys can help you get financial compensation from restaurants, hotels, bars, or other dining establishments responsible for your injury. If the damage is severe, the Tamarac, Florida liability attorneys will represent you to ensure you are compensated for lost wages. We will help you with your case until you fully recover. 

If you have been injured on someone else’s property or have fallen on an unsafe estate, you need a Florida attorney specializing in such cases. 

Your accident lawyer will assess your case and decide whether you can receive compensation for your injuries. If you are injured in a slip or fall, you may not be qualified to claim compensation. However, if you meet these two factors and have been disabled, you may ask for exemplary damages, such as lost wages, medical expenses, legal costs, and property damage. 

It is essential to understand the most common injuries caused by slips and falls. To file a successful lawsuit against a slip & fall case filed, you need an accident attorney with experience in slip and case law. If a slip or fall accident suddenly happens, it can change your life and make life difficult. 

If you suffer significant injury or lose your job because of injuries caused by a slip or fall, we can help you get justice. We are a team of qualified slip & fall case lawyers with extensive experience dealing with negligent businesspeople and property owners. While many significant sentences were passed for slipping and falling victims, there were also many cases of pedestrians being injured on icy pavements. 

We know how to help you achieve the maximum resolution in oversight cases and have the expertise to gather evidence against the culprit and build an interesting case on your behalf.

If you have been hurt on-job or because of someone else’s negligence, you have the right to file a personal injury claim. However, there are four elements of a personal injury claim that determine whether you are eligible for a claim or not. These elements must be fulfilled to lodge a complaint in the civil court. Your Personal Injury Attorney in Tamarac can help you file your claim, but these four elements must be present in your case. 

Four Elements of a Personal Injury Claim 

Injuries due to another person’s negligence or lack of care can lead to a personal injury claim. It’s essential to understand the elements that apply to this claim, such as, 

  • Duty of care 
  • Failure to exercise reasonable care (Negligence)
  • Causation
  • Presence of damage 

These elements determine whether the personal injury claim you are filing is eligible or not. Here is a detailed look into these elements. 

  • Duty of Care 

The existence of someone’s legal duty is the first element of your personal injury claim. You need to prove that the at-fault party did not live up to their duties. In case of a traffic accident, it was the duty of the at-fault party to drive carefully. If carelessness was exerted, which resulted in your personal loss, your claim passes the first element. 

In slip and fall cases, the duty falls on businesses or homeowners. For medical malpractice, the claim falls on the hospital and the doctor for not doing their duty with integrity, honesty, and care. Different personal injury cases have different duties. However, this is the easiest of all four elements. 

  • Failure to Exercise Reasonable Care (Negligence) 

This is the second element of your personal injury claim where it becomes necessary to prove that the at-fault party neglected their duty. For instance, if you were robbed near a store, you can file a personal injury claim against that store if you believe they didn’t follow the second element of a personal injury claim. 

In this situation, your personal injury attorney in Tamarac will need to prove that the shop owner was negligent in protecting customers. For that, your personal injury attorney will scour through incident reports and determine whether you were the first or the 100th victim in the vicinity. Next, the lawyer will check if the shop owner has cameras or other security in place. If the shop didn’t take any safety measures despite knowing several theft cases, the shop owner failed to exercise reasonable care (Negligence). 

  • Causation 

The next step of a personal injury claim is to prove causation. This means that your personal injury lawyer has to prove that negligence caused the personal injury. Continuing the above example of the negligent shop owner, we can see that the third element is fulfilled.

For instance, if the shop owner had hired security, the theft wouldn’t have occurred. This means that the causation element of your personal injury claim is fulfilled. 

  • Presence of Damage

The final element of a personal injury claim is the presence of damage. It is crucial to know that the personal injury claim is invalid if someone isn’t injured or damaged physically or monetarily. Moreover, if the injuries aren’t severe, it won’t warrant a personal injury claim. 

Common types of damages that may result in a personal injury claim include;

  • Medical cost
  • Lost income
  • Disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical damage
  • Theft 

Your personal injury attorney can determine if you have a valid case to file against the at-fault party. Plus, you can also find out how much compensation you are eligible for if you file a case. Your attorney will go through similar past cases and find out how much compensation was awarded. 

You will get an estimate, but it will be more than enough to prove how much compensation you might win. Plus, your attorney will also contribute your medical cost, pain, and suffering, and other costs incurred after the injury. All of this will be included in your compensation. 

Final Verdict

Personal injury cases can be tricky, and if you don’t have a competent lawyer, you can lose your chances of winning the compensation you deserve. Most of the time, the at-fault party tries to resolve the case without going to court. If your personal injury lawyer believes that you might win more compensation by going to court, you should listen and follow. 

However, for that, your lawyer needs to have tremendous experience and knowledge. If you are looking for such a lawyer, then Cameron Law PL can help. You can call Cameron Law for case consultation by dialing (321) 301-4615 or visiting  Cameron Law.

Car accidents are common in Florida, with more drivers on the road and people moving to our state.

Florida is one of the highest states in the nation for auto accidents, and your odds are greater of having these issues on the road.

State law requires that everyone purchase personal injury protection (PIP) or no-fault insurance. The idea is that you will receive $10 thousand in coverage to take care of immediate medical expenses without delay.

However, insurance companies can be bureaucratic, slow to process claims, and deny you the money you deserve. Situations like this require going to court and making the company honor its contractual obligations. We look at everything you should know about PIP litigation in Coral Springs and how you can benefit from these lawsuits.


If you are injured in an auto accident, the law requires you to follow specific guidelines to receive PIP coverage.

You must seek out treatment within 14 days of the accident by a healthcare professional, including doctors, hospitals, and chiropractors. Failure to get medical attention in this timeframe means the insurance company can deny your claim.

Your condition should be a threat to your health, bodily function, or at least one organ.

These requirements are the standards insurance companies will follow to decide if they accept your claim.

We recommend getting the medical assistance you need right away after an auto accident to avoid delays.

The Cameron Law Group can help you in cases where your PIP claims are denied. We are trustworthy, client-focused, knowledgeable, experienced, and ensure accountability for your case and the claim with the insurance company.

The Reasons for Denial

The insurance company can deny or underpay the claim in certain circumstances, and you want to be aware of these situations. The most notable include

You did not receive care within 14 days or use an unauthorized medical professional.

You did not have an emergency medical condition that requires treatment to deal with your injuries.

The injuries are not from the accident but another event in your life previously or after.

The treatment you received is not necessary or reasonable, given the extent of your injuries.

You are not answering emails, phone calls, or are requesting unnecessary documentation related to your case.

Any or a combination of these are reasons for reducing or denying your claim under the law.

We recommend getting medical treatment right away and communicating with the insurance company promptly. The process can be tedious, but it is essential to follow these guidelines to ensure your claim is not denied.

Cameron Law Group can help if your claim is denied or reduced by the insurance company. We are the experts on PIP litigation in Coral Springs and will hold the company accountable. You don’t know the law, but we can help you get what you deserve.

When to Contact an Attorney?

After an accident, you want to contact a PIP litigation specialist immediately before reaching out to your insurance company. Our team of dedicated professionals can review your case and tell you the best options to get the money you deserve.

For example, you are driving down US 1, and a reckless driver comes out of nowhere at 95 miles an hour and hits you. The first thing you want to do is get immediate medical attention if you are injured. Then, meet with your personal injury attorney in Coral Springs to go over the case with you.

After this meeting, we will contact the insurance company about your PIP claim. Our attorneys will review your case and help you decide the best course of action moving forward. You never want to do everything alone, as the PIP laws are tricky and filled with confusing clauses.

We recommend meeting with our attorneys after receiving medical attention, before contacting the insurance company.

Cameron Law Group is your team of skilled PIP lawyers that will fight for you and prevent things from becoming worse. We offer a free consultation to evaluate your case and can tell you what options are available. Our team focuses on helping you make a full recovery to ensure you receive justice.

Call the PIP Attorneys Today

These are some of the things you should know about PIP litigation and what you can do after a car accident. Call the Cameron Law Group today at 954-994-2254 and take advantage of our no-obligation, free consultation of your case.

We can help and are located on North University Drive, near the Tamarac Elementary School. Car accidents are stressful and we will help you to get back to living your life.

Auto accidents are unfortunately very common in the United States and the majority of auto accidents in Tamarac are caused by human error. While some auto accidents are relatively minor, thousands of lives are taken every year by auto accidents that could have been avoided. If you are involved in an auto accident in Tamarac, you should not have to pay the price for the damages caused by the ignorance or mistakes of other drivers. If your accident was caused by another driver’s carelessness, you may be entitled to compensation through a personal injury claim or lawsuit.  

Speeding, racing, falling asleep at the wheel, failure to follow traffic laws, signs/signals, running a red light, failing to stop at a stop sign, making illegal turns, and DUI are all causes for auto accidents! If you or someone you know were involved in an auto accident and sustained an injury, you may be entitled to compensation for the following: your injuries, pain, suffering, medical bills, and newfound financial hardship. However, in order to recover “damages” in a personal injury lawsuit- specifically a motorcycle accident- you must first prove that the accident was directly caused by another person’s negligence.  What can cause driver negligence? Anything from: 

  • Distracted driving 
  • Drunk driving 
  • Speeding 
  • Reckless driving 
  • Driving in bad weather 
  • Not stopping at red lights or stop signs 
  • Night driving 

Many aspects must be settled when you’re dealing with auto accidents. At Cameron Law Group, we’re here to address all of them. We know that dealing with the police, insurance companies, retaining the right documentation, and pursuing the best avenues for settlement can seem challenging. But, with a knowledgeable auto accident lawyer in Tamarac on your side, you’ll be more than prepared to win your case.

If you’ve been in a vehicle accident, then you’ll need to call an auto accident lawyer in Tamarac right away. Auto accidents can leave you without compensation, and potentially months of rehabilitation. Cameron Law Group understands the sensitivity of these collisions and offers guidance, assistance, and support. They will aggressively pursue the compensation you rightfully deserve and ensure that you have what you need to rest and recover. Don’t stress over the details in your time of need. Call 954-472-5645 today, and watch as their experts do what they do best.

There are several steps in filing a civil lawsuit after a personal injury. The first and most important is to contact a trial attorney in Tamarac. At Cameron Law Group, our team of experienced personal injury lawyers can help you receive the compensation you need to recover and regain some semblance of normalcy. Whether you have been involved in a car accident, the victim of medical negligence, had a slip and fall, or any other injury, we are all the trial lawyers you need to put the wheels in motion.  

Although many civil lawsuits can be resolved outside of court, some make their way to the courtroom. If this happens, you will need a lawyer with prior trial experience to defend you. Our team will carry the brunt of the work as we defend you in front of a judge or jury. Nevertheless, there is some preparation you must do to make a good first impression. If you would like to know what’s expected of you during the trial, you’ve come to the right place.

Meet Deadlines & Show up on Time

After you have filed a lawsuit, now comes paperwork and hearings to attend. It may go without saying, but it is crucial that all deadlines are met, such as choosing a jury trial or a judge. There is no leeway if you miss a deadline and if this happens, the odds are less in your favor. In addition to submitting paperwork on time, you must attend a preliminary hearing. Even though it is not the actual trial, it determines the strength of your case. It is recommended that you show up 20 to 30 minutes before the expected time and come prepared with any documents your attorney advises you to bring.

You won’t be doing any of this on your own. Our team will help you prepare before your trial date, but we also advise that you visit the court’s website to review the local rules.

Do Your Homework

The internet can be an excellent source of information. If this is your first time going to trial, it is a good idea to watch videos and learn what is expected from the plaintiff. We also recommend you learn some of the legal terminologies before your preliminary hearing, so you stay abreast of all the developments as they unfold.

If you would like to go one step further with your research, contact the court clerk to find out which judge will be presiding. Every judge has his or her own style and set of expectations. Learning as much as you can about the judge can give you a slight advantage that you can’t afford to lose.

Learn Everything About Your Case

It is not enough to simply make a claim. Your claim must be backed by a series of facts known as admissible evidence. We will gather the necessary evidence to help build your case, such as obtaining CCTV footage at an accident scene, collecting eyewitness statements, and gathering documents to prove the defendant is liable. In addition to this, if you are going to take the stand, it’s important that you rehearse everything you plan to say. Always be consistent with your story, tell the truth, and work on techniques to remain calm.

Part of knowing your case is to look at it from the other side’s perspective. Are there any weaknesses that need to be fixed? Is there a hole in your story that needs clarification? We will work with you to perfect your testimony.

Be Respectful

Preparation involves more than meeting deadlines, gathering important paperwork, and rehearsing your testimony. You should also remember to be respectful of everyone present, including the defendant. This may be an emotional time, but it’s important now to show your emotions in the courtroom. Even if you don’t think anyone is watching, you should:

  • Stay calm and quiet
  • Never look petty
  • Never interrupt someone while they’re speaking
  • Never speak out unless someone addresses you
  • Be patient

When it’s your turn to speak, remember to address the judge as “your honor.” This is the correct honorific address to use. Anything else, such as “sir,” or “ma’am,” is inappropriate. Being respectful of courtroom decorum may initially take the backburner as you prepare for the case in other ways. Nevertheless, it is expected and will go a long way in your favor.

Contact Cameron Law Group

If you need a trial attorney in Tamarac to defend you against someone else’s negligence, contact the team at Cameron Law Group. Call (954) 994-2254 today. We are available 24/7 for a consultation.

If medical treatment is below standard and the patient ends up hurt due to inadequate care, then it’s called medical negligence. Most general medical negligence can occur in any medical profession, with no exception. 


Medical negligence can take on a virtually infinite number of forms. Here are a few types of medical negligence:

  • An adjacent organ suffers harm during surgery
  • The failure to diagnose an illness or give the correct treatment to the patient results in ineffectiveness or side effects.
  • Physicians should avoid encouraging patients by saying they are fine, which only delays care, leading to damage. Cancer, in particular, is difficult to reverse, especially if it has been progressing.
  • A dentist who is irresponsible and thus results in the patient losing teeth
  • If a medication is prescribed at an inappropriate dosage, this is considered a medical error. Negligence in giving a patient the drug, administering the medication, or storing the medication could contribute.
  • Worst of all, unnecessary surgery, for example, renders the patient unable to have children.
  • An operation that yields serious harm or results in a decidedly unattractive outcome
  • The inadvertent placement of a medical tool into a patient during surgery.
  • Correct medical procedures or prescriptions are hindered by mistakes on the medical chart.
  • The preoperative anesthetic supplied was ineffective or incorrect.


When an issue occurs where something goes wrong during childbirth, it can result in the loss of the infant or an accident that causes lifelong harm, such as brain damage. 


Justifications for a Medical Malpractice Claim

A patient who wishes to make a medical malpractice claim must show that:


  1. A doctor has a legal duty to provide a level of care and does not meet that obligation.
  2. The patient was injured or became sick as a result.
  3. The patient’s injury was the result of negligence.


Standard of Care

“Standard of care” refers to a quality or procedure that doctors use. The laws vary by state and in some cases, the criteria are limited to doctors in the same region. In others, it applies to doctors nationwide. Surgeons with similar expertise can be held to the same standard. 



“Causation” is a complex issue in medical malpractice, as every bodily system is interrelated. While it is possible that the therapy itself caused the harm, many medical personnel will claim that the injury occurred due to a pre-existing condition the patient already had.


Every kind of lawsuit has malpractice insurance companies providing lawyers for the medical negligence claimants.


Injury victims should look for a lawyer to represent them in negotiations that will recover their money on medical care. Most lawyers who find themselves in this predicament perform legal work on a contingency basis. The fees they charge depend on whether they can receive insurance claim settlement money from the medical malpractice insurance company. Successful negotiation of a settlement for the client typically involves obtaining a percentage of the funds as compensation. If the lawyer fails, they receive no compensation for the time invested. 


Pain and Suffering

Sometimes, when the settlement includes money for pain and suffering, it is neither compensation for the associated expenditures nor a reward for pain and suffering experienced. In some states, a punitive damages award can be obtained if severe negligence or intentional misbehavior is involved. In such cases, damages will be authorized only to a certain extent. 


When egregious negligence or misbehavior is present, local authorities may also take action against the physician or medical facility, possibly charging them with a criminal offense. These legal proceedings are not linked to a medical malpractice complaint. A civil lawsuit names the city or state as the plaintiff. The person suing the medical establishment because of an injury sustained during medical treatment is known as the “damaged patient” civil action. While each criminal and civil case would have one or more defendants in common, some of the defendants in each case will also be the same person. In the context of liability cases, the defendant is the individual who is accused of having committed medical malpractice.


Is Every Type of Medical Negligence Case Tried in Court?

More than 90% of these claims are settled without going to trial. Still, when parties cannot reach an agreement on a settlement amount, the matter is adjudicated in court. Once the judge or jury decides if the patient is eligible for compensation, they determine the amount awarded. Even if a lawsuit doesn’t get to trial, years of negotiations may occur before reaching a settlement. During that time, the lawyers on both sides of the case begin preparing legal documents that address the other party’s concerns. 

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In the United States, more than six million car accidents happen each year. Most of these result in property damage, which is damage to the vehicle and not to the occupants. One in three accidents results in personal injury to the passengers or driver, and two out of ten accidents result in fatal injuries. If you find yourself in a car accident, your first priority should be to protect yourself physically and legally.


Cameron Law Group is here for Tamarac residents who have been injured in a car accident. We provide personalized assistance aimed at bringing the best results for your case. There are some things you can do to help yourself and your family if you are in a car accident. 

Stop And Protect The Scene.

Do not drive away from an accident scene, even if it is minor. Doing so could put you at greater legal risk even if you did not cause the accident. By setting up flares or flashers, you can avoid further accidents. Be sure to always keep a flashlight in your glove box or trunk. This will allow you to alert other drivers and protect you if the accident occurs at night.

Immediately After A Car Accident, Call 911.

Even if you are not suffering from any serious injuries, it’s a good idea for you to call the police. Even if you are merely filing a claim for vehicle damage, you may need to obtain a police report. If they do not interfere with traffic, the vehicles involved in an accident should be left where they are.

Give An Accurate And Detailed Report Of The Car Accident.

When the police arrive on the scene, tell them exactly what happened. Tell the officer if you don’t know certain facts. Don’t speculate, guess, or misstate any facts. When asked if you have any injuries and if you are not sure, say so. Don’t say no because you do not feel pain. Many times, injuries and pain from motor vehicle collisions are only apparent hours later than the accident. It is also important to verify that statements made by others involved in the accident are correct.

Exchange Information With The Driver Of The Other Vehicle.

This information is usually obtained by the investigating officer who arrives at the scene. You should still obtain the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all parties, including drivers and passengers. Also, you should request information regarding insurance. You can ask for the insurance cards of all the vehicles involved in an accident. 


Witnesses should be contacted so you and your attorney have the information you need. The investigating officer will usually give all motorists a number for their police report if they respond to an accident. To obtain a police report, you can later use this number. You must request the report of the state police if the accident occurred on a state highway.

Document Everything With Photos.

You should take photos of vehicles that have visible damage with your cell phone. Photograph any visible injuries. Be sure that when you are doing this that you are not interfering with the officer’s investigation. You should take these photos at the scene of a car accident as soon as possible.

Contact Your Insurance Provider.

Notify your insurance company immediately. Many policies require full cooperation and immediate reporting. Check to see if your insurance policy includes medical benefits. This type of coverage, also known as “med pay”, is more expensive so make sure you use it. Med pay coverage means that you must submit any accident-related medical bills you receive to your insurance company.


 Private health insurance takes over as your primary insurer once med pay benefits have been exhausted. All occupants of the vehicle are eligible for med pay benefits. Submitting claims for Med pay coverage should not cause an increase in your insurance rates.

Get Checked By A Doctor.

Motor vehicle accidents often cause injuries that are not immediately obvious. Many car accident victims feel the worst pain for a few days after the accident. Unless you’re certain that you weren’t hurt, you should visit your doctor or local emergency room to get medical attention. Even minor impacts can cause serious injury to the spinal cord. You may have suffered a concussion, closed head injury, or lost consciousness if you were even briefly dazed by the impact. If left untreated, this can lead to serious health issues.

Contact An Attorney.

An experienced attorney is the best person to represent you when considering legal action. A successful law firm will be able to help you because many car accident cases can be complex and difficult. Cameron Law Group has the knowledge, experience, and successful record to help you recover the money that you deserve.


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